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TRI Geosynthetic Testing and Services (Suzhou) Co. Limited- Offers premier testing and research laboratory services throughout Asia and services for those sourcing products from Greater Asia. As an independent, third-party laboratory with well over 88 years of collective experience we provide a broad range of testing services and products for the geosynthetic, geotechnical, plastic pipe, protective glove, and related technical textile industries. Our expertise in testing, research, education, and certification are highly sought after and we welcome you to our company with global reach and  laboratories on Five Continents.

苏州缇尔埃土工材料检测服务有限公司,为整个亚洲地区提供一流的测试和研究实验室服务,并为东亚采购产品的客户提供服务。 我们作为一个独立的第三方实验室,拥有超过88年的团体经验,我们为土工合成材料,岩土工程,塑料管,防护手套以及相关的技术纺织品行业提供广泛的测试服务和产品。我们在测试,研究,教育和认证方面的专业知识备受追捧,我们欢迎您来到我们的公司,我们在全球5大洲都有实验室。

 Certificates and TRI Reports Verification Services

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Accreditation 资质认证
Spearheading the move toward better compliance standards. 我们率先迈向更好的合规标准。

Product Certification

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